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TMA Attenuator
Crash Trucks


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We Set the Standards of NJ DOT Certified TMA Attenuator Trucks on the Road Today.

– Jim Gordon, Founder, S.P.A. Safety Systems, Flanders NJ.

Designed & Manufactured

We recognize that all TMA Attenuator Trucks are not built equally on the road these days. It is no longer safe or sufficient to use a simple flatbed truck with a mounted attenuator on federal highways. S.P.A. is dedicated to providing premium quality TMA Trucks that perform at the highest standards required in work zone safety.


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Safety Features:

S.P.A. TMA Attenuator Trucks are among the best designed, fabricated, and serviced in the USA today and meet NJ DOT Certification and meet MASH Guidelines for TMA Truck Attenuators.

NJ DOT has very stringent standards for highway safety for road work at S.P.A. has met the requirements for those standards.
One standard is to keep the driver in the cab during the operation of the TMA truck.
All controls are mounted in the cab so that the TMA and arrow board can be deployed without the driver ever having to leave the cab. Using S.P. A. equipment enhances the safety of the work and work environment.
For more information on Highway Work Zone Safety Trucks for sale and rent, contact us by calling (973) 347-1101, or by Fax at (973) 347-0064.
FREE DOWNLOAD:Building Safer Highway Work Zones: Measures to Prevent Worker Injuries from Vehicles and Equipment” by NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Scorpion II Mounted Attenuators.

The Scorpion and Scorpion II have been tested, passed and eligible in meeting the Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware “MASH” Standards.

Truck Mounted Attenuators by TrafFix Devices

TMA Arrow Board by SolarTech

Advanced Technology Arrow Boards

Now talk to your SolarTech Arrow Boards… for Free with a truck-mounted Silent Sentinel Arrow Board. It has a modem, GPS and free cellular service for the life of your arrow board.
SolarTech Message & Arrow Boards

All trucks are equipped with LED Lights

Each of our trucks is equipped with LED Lights

TMA Trucks

The best designed, fabricated, and serviced in the USA today, and meet NJ DOT Certification 

TMA Trucks Facts

All controls are in the cab so TMA and arrow board can be deployed without leaving the driver seat

Video – TMA Truck

Live-action Verticle Lift Demonstration of a Scorpion Attenuator on a SPA TMA Truck 

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