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Cone Truck Features

Cone Trucks

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TMA TRUCKS - RENTALS - SALES - SERVICES - PARTS  |  Phone: (973) 347-1101 Fax: (973) 347-0064  |  Hours: Mon - Fri  7:30am to 4:30pm

Cone Trucks – For Sale, Rent & Custom-Built.

“TMA Work Zone Safety has Never Been Safer”.

CONE TRUCKS – Made in the USA

S.P.A. is devoted to building Cone Trucks that allow barrier and cone deployment safely and efficiently. We make our trucks with easy-to-use features that can be used on projects of all sizes. Our well-thought-out designs and premium quality materials make road work easy and safe.

For more information on S.P.A. Cone Safety Trucks for sale and rent, contact us by calling (973) 347-1101, or by Fax at (973) 347-0064.


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Made in the USA
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ROAD SERVICE - We service our own trucks - Call for full details (973) 347-1101

TMA Cone Truck features


S.P.A. continues to build high-quality work zone safety cone trucks through our extensive research and listening to the demands of the workers on the road today.

We use late-model cone trucks that feature:

  1. Our Cone Trucks feature a 20-foot long steel body – Optimizes amount of traffic barriers and cones carried per load
  2. Custom welded side racks – More suitable to hold larger payloads
  3. E tracks running the entire length of the body – To securely strap the load
  4. Swing open access gate near bulkhead – Large enough to accommodate a standard 40”x 48” pallet for quick loading via forklift
  5. Two dedicated holders for standard 4’ x 4’ traffic safety signs
  6. Custom designed man basket attached to the rear of the truck – For workers to stand closer to the ground for safe & efficient laying of cones/barrels on either side of the truck; also equipped with D-rings to tether worker to the truck to prevent a fall
  7. A maximum GVW of 26,000 lbs – To increase the versatility of drivers
  8. 6 Flashing LED Amber Lights that project 360° around the truck for increased visibility
  9. Proper DOT reflective tape
  10. 6 LED spotlights that illuminate the work area
  11. All of our used Cone Trucks go through an extensive 53 point inspection and any parts not up to factory standard are repaired or replaced.

S.P.A. was the first in the industry to provide:

  • Cone Trucks with Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) and intercom system mounted to the dash that allows viewing access and communication between driver and platform
  • The intercom system maintains a constant open channel of communication so the driver can hear what is happening at the rear of the truck at all times
  • With a push of a button, the driver can also communicate with workers at the back of the truck

Call SPA at (973) 347-1101 to see how much Cone Trucks cost.

Call S.P.A. at (973) 347-1101 to see how much Cone Trucks cost.

Trust S.P.A. to provide you with Cone Trucks that can handle all of your needs!

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Flanders, NJ 07836


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Call: (973) 347-1101
Fax: (973) 347-0064

Hours of Operation
7:30am to 4:30pm





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