Railroad Scissor Trucks


BSL 16-30 Scissor
Lift Truck


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"Aerial Lift Safety Has Never Been Safer”.

Built for safe and efficient work environments with elevated projects

We make our Scissor Lift Trucks with easy-to-use features that can be used on projects up to heights of 20 feet, and up to 7000 LB capacity. Our well-thought-out designs and premium quality materials make road and bridgework easy and safe.

Designed & Manufactured


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S.P.A. continues to build high-quality work zone safety trucks through our extensive research and listening to the demands of the workers on the road today.

Tesco hi-lift
We use late-model trucks with Tesco Scissor Lifts that feature:

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Trust S.P.A. to provide you with Scissor Lift Trucks that can handle all of your needs!