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Scissor Lift Trucks: 5 Facts To Consider Before Renting


Most construction and maintenance projects are undertaken in hard-to-reach areas and are far off the ground. When considering higher grounds, a ladder isn’t always sufficient to access the work area where you will have a lot of challenging tasks to take care of. In that case, you will need a scissor lift truck to in order to help you tackle the work at hand.  Both scissor lift trucks and boom lifts help you reach elevated areas but both of them have different capabilities.

Scissor Lift Trucks

Scissor lifts are useful equipment that is invaluable for the upkeep of your company’s working standards. A Scissor Lift Truck’s most common use is for lifting tools and employees to higher work areas on stable base to work from.  They operate via a hydraulic mechanism that lifts and lowers the crossed supports, which in turn move the platform up or down. The crossed supports resemble a pair of scissors, hence the name.

Boom Lifts

A boom lift is the lift equipment used to elevate a worker in a small bucket or in a compact platform. These lifts are also called as cherry pickers and man lifts. They feature a hydraulic lift system with an extendable arm (boom) and a grounded base making them a solid choice for hard to reach or tight spaces.

Should you buy or rent a scissor lift or boom lift?

If you are in need of a Scissor Lift Truck or a boom lift, you should consider carefully whether to buy it or rent it. Buying a scissor lift will allow you to lift as per your convenience while renting it will mean that you can only use it for a particular period of time and then return it back. The latter is more beneficial as when renting you won’t have to spend as much because you will just be charged a nominal fee for borrowing the lift.

Key factors to keep in mind before renting a scissor lift truck?

Scissor lifts come with a diverse range of uses. However, it can be detrimental if you don’t choose the lift with the right height, size, capacity, and other specifications for the given job.

Since aerial lifts like boom lifts and scissor lifts are the best way of reaching elevated working areas, having a general idea of both of these will help you a lot while choosing which one to rent. Ownership or rental of lifts can be an important step for contractors.

Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind when choosing between renting a scissor lift and boom lift –

The direction you are moving in

When deciding between boom lifts and scissor lifts, it is very important that you consider the direction of your movement. If you are elevating to a spot that is both up and over an area where equipment can’t be placed, you would be better off if you use a boom lift. Boom lifts are a great option for electrical or piping repairs as they can help a lot in difficult-to-reach areas. However, if you are to move straight up, renting a scissor lift would suffice. Scissor lifts are commonly used for working under bridges and overpasses and for window installation, cleaning, and repairing.

How high you have to go?

Before renting, you should consider how high you will need to go during the project. Scissor lifts can easily elevate your workers to about 20 feet which is more than enough for any commercial project and even indoor tasks.

Your budget

Boom lifts are  less expensive than scissor lifts, however, they have more limitations compared to a truck mounted scissor lift.  Renting a scissor lift is often a better choice because it offers more options and benefits as follows.

How many workers can it accommodate?

Boom Lifts can typically accommodate just one individual in the lift platform, along with necessary tools. This is the best choice for jobs where you specifically need a specially skilled worker to perform a particular task at a given time. The prime example is electric work where only one electrician is more than enough to do the job.

If you want to lift more than one person at a time, scissor lift trucks are the best option to access the site. There are rugged terrain scissor lifts available for helping you navigate rougher construction sites and access the higher grounds easily. A scissor lift’s platform is much larger than that of a boom lift. It can easily hold several individuals such that the lift can elevate your entire team to the work area and perform tasks like major repairs.

Mobility is better

With a truck-mounted scissor lift, you get much better and faster mobilization. Scissor lifts are road legal and can be driven on their own, something that isn’t possible with boom lifts. Boom lifts need to be hauled on another truck if you have to get it to your work site, as they are not legal to travel on the road.

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