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11 Cone Truck Features For Best Safety Practices By SPA Safety Systems


11 Cone Truck Features For Best Safety Practices by SPA Safety System

Safety in the work zone is very important.

A Cone Truck is a great example of a combination of safety and functionality. This truck offers a safe as well as efficient way to transport and deploy the cones, barrels and much more used on a highway work zone.

A cone truck requires three people – A driver and two more individuals at the rear of the truck. One person hands cones, barrels or other lane closure devices to the person standing in the basket. The person in the basket then places each device in its proper place on the road while in motion and safe in the truck. Cone trucks are followed by TMA trucks to protect them during deployment and collection of devices.

Here are the 11 safety features of a cone truck built by SPA Safety Systems:

1. A steel body of 20 foot x 8ft wide: Provides ample room for storage of a large amount of traffic closure devices.  This reduces time of deployment and collection due to less trips back to the storage yard to collect more.  Reducing production costs and worker exposure on the highway.

2. Side racks which are custom welded: It is important to store the equipment inside the cone truck properly in order to ensure the cone truck safety. The strongly welded side racks are perfect to carry larger payloads and ensure that cargo stays secure in the confines of the truck bed.

3. E-tracks: The focus while transporting any equipment is always on it’s safety and preventing damage during transit. E- track is a long rail having the versatility of multiple points to anchor to with a high strength to support the payload being secured.

4. LED spotlights to illuminate the work area: LED lights are the best source of light versus traditional lights. The LED lights use very little electrical draw compared to standard lights which allows more to added to the truck without being detrimental to the truck’s electrical system. They also greatly increase visibility for the workers on the jobsite. The LED lights have a longer life expectancy, and do not require bulb changes. They can last as long as 25 years.

5. LED Amber lights: The LED Amber lights are the most popular lights for the cone truck safety. They are visible 360 degree around the truck. Amber is a warning light color and are generally used by the non-emergency vehicles. It is incredibly easy to see in Amber lighting which makes it a plus point for the drivers and the workers. These LED Amber lights are used by professionals due to the reliability and versatility.

6. A custom made man basket: It is the most unique and versatile feature of the Cone Truck. It is attached at the rear end of the truck close to the ground to allow the workers easier cone or device deployment to the road. Either left or right side can used for deployment, and they also have D rings in order to tether a safety harness.

7. A closed-circuit TV system: This feature provides a link between the driver and the workers to get the work done efficiently and safely. The TV system allows the driver to access a view of the rear platform to ensure that they are safe as the truck is driven during cone deployment.

8. Intercom Mounted to Dash: This Intercom system maintains a constant communication between the workers in the basket and the driver, with a constantly open channel allowing the workers to still use their hands to complete their task. With its help, the driver is able to hear everything happening at the rear end of the truck in addition to seeing on the closed circuit tv.

9. Traffic safety sign Holders: The two sturdy and dedicated holders sized 4’ x 4’ to fit a standard traffic safety sign. Located near the rear of the truck close to the basket they securely hold the signs near the rear basket to allow for more convenient deployment and collection of each sign.

10. DOT Reflective Tape: DOT tape increases the trucks visibility to other vehicles on the highway while they are traveling.

11. A gate near the bulkhead with swing open access: Due to the 20 foot length of the cone truck and the rear basket a gate near the bulkhead allows for loading pallets of cones more conveniently via forklift.

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